Shop Accion's MicroMarket to give meaningful virtual gifts in honor of your loved ones and help create opportunity for the enterprising poor around the world!

Featured Gifts

Business Training

 Business Training - $50

Your gift can empower the self-employed poor through workshops on topics such as marketing, savings and cash management.


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Chickens - $28

Free-range chickens can provide a family with a means of income, enabling them to sell the chickens' eggs and build their own nest egg.


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Seeds - $22

Support small farms around the world – help provide an entrepreneur with seeds to grow a future and provide more opportunities for his/her family.

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Bolts of Cloth

Bolts of Cloth - $42

A gift of cloth will help enable a microentrepreneur to increase inventory and offer customers a wider range of fabric and clothing design.


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Grilling Tools

Grilling Tools - $55

With extra income, hardworking cooks can purchase new tools, increase their production, feed more customers and grow their businesses.


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baking oven

Baking Oven - $125

Many self-employed poor people make a living by putting their cooking skills to work – to open lunch-delivery businesses, tiny cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

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Spices - $25

Additional supplies of spices can boost a struggling business in the slums of Mumbai and bring the taste of a brighter future to an enterprising man or woman.


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Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine - $90

A new sewing machine can help the poor stitch their way to success, enabling tailors to increase their production and sale of clothes and more.


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skeins of wool

Skeins of Wool - $36

Enable a low-income family to build a sustainable business making and selling beautiful hand-made blankets, sweaters and rugs.

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